Test bench for frames in aluminium. It allows re-create the conditions of use of the frame. The casement is locked by a system of vices adjustable throughout the casement height; the operator can assemble the sash and the glass inside the casement and finally test it. The roller conveyor allows the operator to feed/outfeed heavy frames in complete autonomy.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Air consumption (Nl/cycle) 
Load capacity (kg) 
Length (mm) 
Weight (kg) 
Hard anti-friction PVC contact surface 
Adjustable work table height (mm) 
875 ÷ 925 
Tilting work bench from 0° (horizontal) to 85° 
Adjustable clamping force (max) (N) 
Vice opening (mm) 
425 ÷ 2.425 
Vice paddle height (max) (mm) 
Vice bars with 5 adjustable paddles on both bars (mm) 
H = 2.060 
Self-centring clamping system with retractable bars 
Pneumatic tilting of the roller conveyor when the bench is horizontal 
Loading-unloading infeed roller conveyor with adjustable ground clearance (mm) 
305 ÷ 355 
Frame clamping
The frame clamping system is self-centring, thanks to a rack that ensures perfect parallelism and uniform pressure through the use of pneumatic cylinders.
FIVE CS Frame clamping Emmegi
FIVE CS Door sliding roller conveyor Emmegi
Door sliding roller conveyor
A pneumatically-operated tilting roller conveyor allows horizontal translation of the frame by stem-mounted rollers that ensure smoothness and ease of movement.
Tilting work bench
The work bench is tilting with fully pneumatic movement. By means of the footswitch, the work surface can be tilted from 0°, horizontal position, to 85°.
FIVE CS Tilting work bench Emmegi
FIVE CS Support surface in hard anti-friction PVC Emmegi
Support surface in hard anti-friction PVC
The anti-friction hard PVC support surface ensures great smoothness of the frame allowing easy handling.
Control and footswitch assembly
A centre console provides housing for the bi-manual control that manages the locking/unlocking of the frame. In addition, a double footswitch allows the bench to be tipped or the horizontal profile rollers to be operated.
FIVE CS Control and footswitch assembly Emmegi

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