Integra Q1-Q2

The welding and corner cleaning line for PVC profiles INTEGRA Q1 consists in 5 main elements: the FUSION 4H horizontal welding machine (all models) with frame extraction unit included, a QMATIC unit for machining the two sides of the welded frame, the turntable, the 4-axis corner cleaning machine (TRIMMER 4A) and, finally, the in-line extraction table. It can be extended to the INTEGRA Q2 model with a second Q-MATIC module which receives the frame rotated by 90° and which, respect to the first, can perform the necessary machining on the other two sides. Thanks to the possibility of a double power supply (from the right and from the left) for all of the elements that it is composed of, the entire line allows you to choose, in the configuration phase, the flow of operations from left to right or vice versa.

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