Trimmer E

Trimmer E is a CNC corner cleaning machine for PVC frames with 3 interpolated axes and automatic cycle. It has a 300 mm diameter knife which allows, with different work programs, cleaning the outer corner on various profi les. Trimmer E also has top and bottom units with knife for cleaning the welding beads plus top and bottom units with knives for cleaning the inner corners. Machining of the inner and outer corners can be completed with the top and bottom drilling/milling units for cleaning the corners or gasket grooves. The machining units can be programmed independently from each other via a CNC PC which controls programming of the profi les and machine operation. When the machine is suitably confi gured with the necessary tools, it can handle all types of standard profi les including acrylic and coated profi les. The third NC axis controls the movement of the top units group, which can host up to 4 tool units.

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