Emmegi consolidates its investment in Keraglass

The entry of Keraglass into the Emmegi Group has generated excellent results to date, both in terms of sales and market shares. And the remaining growth margins to be exploited are extremely significant. Synergies between the various Group member companies are producing the hoped-for results. With its entry into the Emmegi GroupKeraglass injected new impetus into the R&D unit, opening up new possibilities for the sales network.

The potential benefits arise from the potential of the Group's transverse know-how touching on several sectors and a more diffuse presence throughout all the world's main markets. This integration of competences, data and production capacity is an additional step Keraglass's progression as it transitions towards Industrie 4.0. Computerisation of all processes aimed at creating an organisation that's perfectly poised to pick up on the challenges and opportunities of globalisation. Optimised resources, the utmost flexibility, direct links to market trends... in essence the "smart factory".

In this context, it's hardly surprising that the Emmegi Group has decided to ramp up its interest in Keraglass by acquiring 60% of the stock to become the company's reference stakeholder. We can justifiably claim that the business plan has taken off in grand style.