New Integral Enclosure

Available as an option for all Precision T2 and Precision RS models (basic and HS versions) for aluminium and PVC

Technical features

 Enclosure frame and panels in powder coated steel. The panels and doors are clad with sound-absorbing material for enhanced isolation.

> There are skirts fitted between the frame and floor around the entire perimeter of the machine to further improve the soundproofing performance of the enclosure. Machining dust and chips thus remain inside the enclosure. Optimal solution also for cutting composite materials such as fibreglass.

> Lighting provided by three 3000 lumen LED lamps.

The enclosure has two 70 mm dia. ports and two 100 mm dia. ports on the left-hand side for connection of an external suction system.

For ease of access and optimal inspection, the enclosure has two removable doors equipped with safety microswitches, one next to the fixed head and the other at the opposite end of the machine.