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Evolve your production with Voilàp Connect

“Connect” is the cloud-based IoT platform that maximizes efficiency in the Smart Factory.

In an era when operational efficiency, productivity and energy savings are increasingly crucial topics as they can make a difference, machine monitoring, production tracking and detailed data analysis are now must-have requirements for manufacturing companies in any industry. The road ahead inevitably leads toward the adoption of digital technologies, particularly for smart factories.

What sets Connect apart is precisely its ability to provide comprehensive, real-time control over the status of industrial machines. It is through its intuitive interface and advanced features, such as energy and pneumatic consumption monitoring and automatic alarm notification, that Connect takes operational efficiency to the next level, optimizing business operations.

This is done through key features such as detailed tracking of machine performance, in-depth analysis of production and consumption data, remote control of machines with alarm notifications, and advanced data security, ensured by encrypted communications.


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