Composite Materials

Comet e Precision special edition
per lavorazione e taglio dei materiali compositi

Focusing on the future also, and above all, means meeting customer demands. And, in this context, "flexibility" is the keyword.
The special Comet and Precision twin-head cutting-off machine models were thus created: machinery designed to cut and machine profiles in composite materials, specially designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers who machine ''pultruded” profiles for doors and windows (composed of a polyester matrix reinforced with fibreglass), fibreglass profiles and other composite materials that require solutions for machinery equipment.
In fact, during the machining phase, these materials produce particularly harmful abrasive dust that can also damage device operation. Ad hoc solutions were thus adopted to preserve operator health and integrity of the parts.
Comet machining centres are also equipped with reinforced seals on the shifting parts and a centralised lubrication system that delivers special lubricant to all shifting parts and to the machine’s recirculating balls, which are essential solutions to prevent build-up. Moreover, they have been equipped with a compressed air cleaning system for the spindle, protective brushes for all cable and pipe clamp passages, and a suction channel installed below the clamps connected to two powerful exhausters installed on both sides of the machine.

The flue suction system is fitted directly on the basement of the machine through a system of suction nozzles with gate valves. The opening or relative limiter of the suction nozzles ensures flue suction from the cabin. Scrap, resulting from heavier machining, settles due to gravity in the chips collection basin (in the photo with the conveyor belt).

Detail of the pipe union connection between the cabin and the filtering unit. Comet T6 has two suction units, each placed at the sides of the machine.
Designed with integral protection, Precision T2E-HS twin-head cutting-off machines have proved to be ideal when completely closed.
Precision T2E-HS models have a forced suction system on the head, which is connected to a powerful external exhauster. Given the special features of machined materials, the importance of an efficient suction system is evident, as well as the type of blades used for cutting. For this purpose, specific studies were carried out and, today, Emmegi is able to offer a turnkey system that guarantees perfect machine operation and complete operator safety.

Additional lubrication system and automatic centralised greasing. This ensures lubrication and greasing of the shift slides and recirculating balls, enabling automatic evacuation of deposited dust (dirt or sediment) along the X axis. Manual lubrication is no longer required.

Detail of the rear coverings. The use of the PVC canvas as a covering material ensures easy cleaning and washing of the rear surfaces. It also ensures containment of accidental impact with machining pieces or scraps.

Proper closing of the guards is ensured by the micro-switches. If the covering panels are not properly fitted, the machine will not start and an error message will be displayed on the control panel.

Each cutting unit is equipped with a chip/scrap suction system installed underneath the output blade and flue-extraction conveyor located on the side of the head.

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