The INTEGRA 4H corner welding and cleaning line for PVC profiles consists of 5 main units: the horizontal welding machine FUSION 4H (in all its models) including the frame unloading unit, the cooling bench, the turntable, the 2- or 4-axis corner cleaning machine (TRIMMER 2A or 4A) and lastly the in-line outfeed table. Due to the predisposition for double feed on both sides (right and left) of all units making up INTEGRA 4H, the flow of operations on the entire line can be selected, from left to right or vice versa, during the configuration phase. Depending on the welding machine installed in the line, INTEGRA 4H can handle frames of various sizes, in a fully automated mode. When the line is suitably configured, it can handle all types of standard profiles including acrylic and coated profiles.

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