TIME-X is the estimation tool, available in the CAMPLUS suite, to calculate the piece machining time in advance. For machines that work with pre-cut pieces, TIME-X will estimate the machining time of the piece or pieces loaded in a work zone. For machines that work with bars, TIME-X will estimate the machining time for each bar.

In short, TIME-X perfectly simulates the machine on which the piece will be made; this way, the estimation phase can already take into account:

> Part clamping limits
> Need for counter blocks
> Size of tools required
> Adjusting machine work zones to the size of the piece to be machined
> Variable cycles or special optimisations that can be done in the machine


In consideration of these ideas, and with suitable calibration, the estimation done with TIME-X is very precise, calculating work times with an error less than ±5%.

TIME-X is the perfect tool for Emmegi machining centre users who make third party production the core of their business, as well as other sectors. TIME-X proves its worth, helping predict, for example, the time the machine will require for a job order.

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