FUSION 4H is a fully digital horizontal CNC welding machining machine for welding PVC profiles. Coming in 2 sizes, the 4-head model allows fabricating frames through simultaneous welding of the 90° corners or welding of the selected items. FUSION 4H, which has manual loading and unloading, also has predisposition for automatic unloading of the finished product. The machine is designed to satisfy ergonomic and safety principles: the indicator lamps and welding head movements make for user-friendly dialog between operator and machine, whether in the profile loading phase or during the subsequent heating and welding phases. Such indicator lamps on the welding heads clearly show the profile to the positioned, with approach (when required) of the pair of welding heads to the operator, thereby allowing correct and easy workpiece positioning. All cycle variables (times, speed, etc.) are programmable and can be preset in the machine automatically. Of the special (patented) features of the FUSION 4H machines, outstanding is the provision for controlling the welding bead size, which can be set by program within a range from a minimum of 0.2 mm up to a maximum of 2 mm.

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