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Dear Customer,
our goal is to ensure the quality of the products and services provided by our Company.
To this end, we ask that you cooperate with us, spending a few minutes of your time to fill in this questionnaire, as we believe that your valuable contribution will enable us to offer an ever more responsive to your needs.

First, we ask you to give an overall judgment about our Company.

Taking into consideration the relationships with our commercial network, the characteristics of our product and the service from the Service, you feel that you feel like you are defining:
Disappointed Satisfied
Dear Customer,
we are sorry that your judgment with respect to Emmegi is not positive.
Despite this, we hope that you decide to devote a little 'of your attention and to continue to fill in the questionnaire below; your answers, in fact, will be very useful to identify our weak points and continue on our path of improvement continuous development of our services.
  • Commercial Area *
    • Availability and courtesy
    • Competence and ability to understand customer needs
    • Execution times for the commercial proposals
    • On-time delivery
  • Technical Area *
    • Technical solutions in line with expectations
    • Willing to carry out the contract implementations
    • Simplicity and clarity of operation and maintenance manuals
  • Service Area *
    • Technical capacity of the call center to clarify any doubts regarding the product or solve problems encountered
    • Mode in use for the management of spare parts
    • Completeness and quality service Emmegigroup assistance (training, installation, ...)
    • Product Warranty
  • Quality of the product supplied *
    • Performance ratio offers / price
    • Reliable operation
    • Ease of use
    • Product complies with the specifications
  • Compiled by
    • Name
    • Last name
    • Corporate Function *
    • Company *
    • City
    • State/Province *
    • E-mail *
    • E-mail Confirm *
    • Do you own Emmegi machines? *
    • Yes No

    • Il/la sottoscritto/a

      premesso che
      1. ha prima d'ora attentamente letto e compreso in tutte le sue parti l'informativa di cui all'art. 13 D. Lgs. 196/2003; 2. è perfettamente a conoscenza dei propri diritti ai sensi dell'art. 7 D. Lgs. 196/2003; 3. agisce in totale libertà e privo/a da qualsivoglia condizionamento e/o pressione psicologica;
      tutto ciò premesso

      esprime il più ampio consenso
      alla raccolta ed al trattamento dei propri dati personali comuni e se del caso anche sensibili, necessari per le finalità di cui al punto a) dell'informativa sopra citata.

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