Automatic workbench for screwing hardware on two sides of the frame. Complete with hardware pre-assembly workbench and hardware storage with up to 42 positions. Available with automatic frame traversing system (BA version). Insermatic is fully programmable from the console. It most commonly receives data from a hardware management system that automatically programmes screwing.

Double automatic screwing carriage
The H2 model is equipped with two independent screwing stations to simultaneously work on two sides of the frame, with the possibility of inserting a third loader for special screws.
INSERMATIC H2B/H2BA Double automatic screwing carriage Emmegi
INSERMATIC H2B/H2BA Frame transfer Emmegi
Frame transfer
This system allows transferring large frames and repositioning them without any operator intervention, up to the point in which hardware screwing takes place automatically.
Frame rotation
Frame rotation for sequential machining of the 4 sides is ensured by an automatic CN system. The device allows rotating large frames and repositioning them without any operator intervention, until hardware fixing on the board is complete.
INSERMATIC H2B/H2BA Frame rotation Emmegi
INSERMATIC H2B/H2BA Hardware magazine system Emmegi
Hardware magazine system
WITH LED SELECTION SYSTEM The hardware magazine at the edge of the line consists of: 24 places for small hardware, located under the work surface and 70 places for long hardware, located on the upper magazine facing the operator. The magazine is equipped with a LED system to facilitate component selection by the operator. The hardware assembly sequence is defined by the management program that constantly communicates with INSERMATIC H2.
The ergonomic state-of-the-art control panel features a touchscreen display and fully customised software and is packed with functions developed in the Microsoft Windows® environment specifically for this machine.
INSERMATIC H2B/H2BA Control Emmegi

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