Quadra L0

CNC 13-axis machining centre, built for milling, drilling and cutting aluminium profiles and light alloys. Optionally it may be equipped with an end milling module. QUADRA L0 is an automatic magazine with a thrust-feed system for profiles up to 7,500 mm, complete with gripper movement to block the profile. Thanks to the movement of the gripper, the feeder returns to the start position allowing the loader to prepare the next profile at the same time. The milling module, the cutting module and the optional end milling module are located in the central area of the machine. There are 4 electrospindles installed on the CNC 4-axis milling module which allow working on the whole edge of the workpiece, whichever way it faces. The cutting module is equipped with a Ø 350 blade with CNC 3-axis horizontal movement. The optional end milling module operates on two CNC axes by means of a group of cutting units. QUADRA L0 also includes an automatic ejector to transfer the workpiece from the cutting unit to the unloading magazine. The unit is composed of a transverse belts magazine to unload machined workpieces of up to 4000 mm in length (optional 7500 mm). The machining unit is equipped with a sound-proof cabin in the central operating part, which, besides protecting the operator, reduces the environmental noise impact.

Milling unit

The core and value of the QUADRA L0 lie in its rotating base machining section, complete with 4 machining units that are controlled and can be interpolated on 4 axes: X, Y, Z, A (360° slewing around the axis of the bar). The machining units are fitted with air-cooled high- frequency electrospindles, ER 32 toolholder, with power up to 5.6 kW in S1. Each machining unit can be equipped with an area disengagement system, by means of recirculating ball slides to increase the working capacity.

Quadra L0 Milling unit Emmegi
Quadra L0 Bar feeding Emmegi
Bar feeding

High precision and speed numerical control bar positioning system. The system is complete with profile clamping gripper with manual position adjustment; optionally it is possible to automatically manage the horizontal and vertical position on two CNC axes. The belt loading magazine allows the loading of profiles up to 7.5 m long. The transmission of the movement takes place on a rack, through a minimum clearance speed reducer to maintain the high precision standards guaranteed by the CNC. The sliding of the feeder takes place on cemented and tempered bars, by means of ball sleeves. The integral protection of the profile positioning trolley guarantees maximum safety by limiting the area occupied by the machine in favor of greater availability of space in the workshop.

Cutting module

Single-head cutting-off machine with a numerically controlled descending 350 mm blade and a cutting range: -45° to + 45°. The setting of any cutting angle is fully automatic and CNC controlled.

Quadra L0 Cutting module Emmegi
Quadra L0 End milling module Emmegi
End milling module

End milling unit with cutter unit with variable rotation speed up to 8,000 rpm. With quick cutter unit tool change with pneumatic con- trol. Interacts with the horizontal cutting unit, with which it shares the support beam. The three cutting and end milling modules are used to unload rejects into an opening, which can be fitted optionally with a steel evacuation belt.

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