Quadra L3

20-axis CNC machining centre for milling, drilling and cutting operations at head and end of profiles in aluminium and light alloys. QUADRA L3 is composed of an automatic magazine and a push-feed system for extruded profiles of up to 7500 mm, complete with gripper handling for clamping and traversing the profile in the operating unit. Automation enables loading the next bar by synchronising its feed with the simultaneous return of the gripper for the next pick-up. The milling module, cutting module and drilling module for head and end are located in the central part. The 4-axis CNC milling module is equipped with 4 to 6 electrospindles that make it possible to machine any side of the profile, regardless of its orientation. The main cutting module is composed of a 600 mm diameter blade with downstroke movement in three CNC axes. The secondary module operating on 4 CNC axes is equipped with a dual drilling unit that can machine on profile heads. QUADRA L3 is equipped with an automatic ejector to transfer the machined segment from the cutting unit to the unloading magazine. The unloading unit is composed of a transverse belts magazine and handles profiles with a maximum length of 4000 mm (optional 7500 mm). The central cab contains all work units, ensuring a high soundproofing standard and complete protection for the operator.

Automatic bar feed and workpiece unloading

Numerically controlled, high precision and high speed bar positioning system. The system is complete with a gripper to block the profile with automatic horizontal and vertical position adjustment on two CNC axes. To guarantee that each type of profile is grasped with no manual intervention, the numerical control of the gripper slewing axis is also available, which is otherwise handled manually. The loading and unloading belt magazines are used to load profiles with length of up to 7.5 m and offload lengths of up to 4.0 m, with an option for 7.5 m. If required, during loading and unloading, an optional tipping system can automatically rotate the workpiece by 90°.

Quadra L3 Automatic bar feed and workpiece unloading Emmegi
Quadra L3 Milling unit Emmegi
Milling unit

QUADRA L3 is fitted with an exclusive turntable system on which 4 to 6 work units interpolated on 4 axes can operate at the same time: X, Y, Z, A (360° slewing around the axis of the bar). The high-frequency electrospindles are air- cooled, and include an ER 32 tool connector with power up to 5.6 kW in S1. Each unit is equipped with a working field disengagement system by means of a slide on recirculating ball shoes.

Vertical cutting module

The CNC-operated cutting module includes a 600 mm diameter circular blade with downward movement on 3 axes, with a range from -45° to +245°, allowing a variety of extruded profile end milling types.  The clamping and handling of the segments is done by means of two servocontrolled clamp units on CNC axes.

Quadra L3 Vertical cutting module Emmegi
Quadra L3 Horizontal cutting module Emmegi
Horizontal cutting module

Single head cutting unit with numerically controlled horizontal feed, with 350 mm blade and a wide cutting range: -45° to +45°. The setting of any cutting angle is fully automatic and controlled by a 3-axis CNC movement. The horizontal feed allows the machine to cut large bars and execute special cuts

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