Satellite XTE

5-axis CNC mobile gantry machining centre, designed to run milling, drilling, threading and cutting processes on large bars in aluminium, PVC, light alloys and steel. The mobile part of the machine mainly consists of a gantry equipped with precision motorisation rack. The high- power electrospindle (15 kW in S1) with HSK-63F tool connection allows even heavy-duty machining to be run with excellent speed and accurate results. The new local safety cab was designed to combine top functionality, accessibility, soundproofing and light with safety and ergonomic requirements. The operator has broad glazed surfaces to check machining execution and, thanks to the total opening system of the cab in two separate parts, easy access during cleaning and maintenance. The cab interior includes the complete segregation of the work area from the remaining sections of the tool magazine and other accessories supplied on the trolley, ensuring maximum chip collection towards the conveyor belt and, as optional, dedicated extraction of machining fumes. The 24-place tool magazine is housed in the mobile gantry; it is equipped with an exchanger arm system that considerably reduces tool change times. A 500 mm blade tool is housed separately in a dedicated magazine system. SATELLITE XTE features new servocontrolled clamps that, in double operation, independently position themselves in concurrent time with respect to the spindle machining processes in the opposite working field. The clamps, which are compact and sturdy, are easy to configure without the use of tools for geometric adjustments. The new stops enable complete coverage of the working field and disengage the area when machining profile heads. All CNC axes are absolute and do not require resetting upon restarting the machine.

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TAPPING CAPACITY (screw tap in aluminium, through hole) 

The local safety cab was designed to combine top functionality, accessibility, soundproofing and light with safety and ergonomic requirements. The polished and innovative design makes the machine unique and inimitable. Large glazing enables the operator to check machining execution simply and safely.

Satellite XTE Cab Emmegi
Satellite XTE Blade Emmegi

The supplied 500 mm blade is housed in a dedicated magazine. It is equipped with an HSK-63F tool holder and can work by exploiting the 5 interpolated axes of the electro-head to cut off the workpiece. By means of appropriate software, it allows to perform cutting and separation directly from raw bar. A 180 mm diameter disc cutter can be housed in the tool magazine. This tool allows, with the maximum speed, safety and precision, to perform compound cuts, straight cuts, end machining and trimming.

Cut and separation (optional)

The optional cutting and separation function allows a series of machined profiles to be obtained from one bar and then separated, avoiding the preventive cutting operations of the various short cuts. The wide cut capacity of the blade unit allows separation cuts to be run on large dimensioned profiles. The machine can be equipped with a label printer, to optimise the management of profiles in subsequent phases.

Satellite XTE Cut and separation (optional) Emmegi
Satellite XTE Tool magazine Emmegi
Tool magazine

The 24-place tool holder magazine is installed directly on the machine’s trolley; its rear position, in a dedicated area, guarantees maximum protection from machining chips. The turntable magazine enables top reliability, low noise levels and optimised tool change cycles, also thanks to an exchanger arm system. The blade tool, with a maximum 500 mm diameter, is housed in a dedicated magazine, separate from the other tools.

Servocontrolled clamps

The clamp unit is able to ensure correct, safe and quick locking of profiles in large dimensions, and does not require tools for its geometric adjustments. Each unit slides via linear guides on the machine’s surface. The servocontrolled clamps, each with their own motor, can independently position themselves on the work field. In dynamic double position, the CNC manages the handling of the clamps and mobile gantry in the two distinct work fields at the same time; this allows significant increases in productivity. The use of absolute reference axes enables reducing the time for machine initialisation at each restart.

Satellite XTE Servocontrolled clamps Emmegi

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