Двухголовочная пила с 9 управляемыми осями, которые обеспечивают автоматическое перемещение подвижной головки, электронное управление двумя осями вращения режущих блоков, подачу режущих дисков и вертикальное перемещение режущих блоков для максимального увеличения рабочего диапазона. Ее можно наклонять в диапазоне от 45° (внутренний угол) до 22°30’ (внешний угол) относительно горизонтальной оси и от 0 до 45° относительно вертикальной оси с точностью до десятой части. Подача твердосплавных дисков диаметром 600 мм возможна по двум осям, оптимизируя диаграмму резки в вертикальном направлении, обеспечивая резку профилей, высота которых превышает 500 мм, и оптимальную регулировку скорости и выхода фрез. HS (High Speed – высокоскоростная) модель станка оснащена высокоскоростной осью X и всеми необходимыми защитными приспособлениями, необходимыми для автоматической обработки, в том числе без присутствия оператора.
Combined cut (По желанию)

The inclination of each head, up to 22°30’ outwards, is obtained by means of a mechanical transmission with high- precision gear motor and brushless motor with absolute encoder. The tilting is performed by means of an electric actuator with recirculating ball screw and brushless motor. To ensure an optimal positioning, the positioning accuracy is checked upstream of the kinematic transmission chain, through a rotary absolute encoder.

Compound Cut Combined cut Emmegi
Compound Cut Blade feed on 2 axes Emmegi
Blade feed on 2 axes (По желанию)

The blade feed is carried out on two axes. The vertical translation, associated with the blade exit movement, increases the cutting chart height dimension significantly, allowing for maximum use of the large diameter of the blade. The tool trajectory is managed by the software based on the cutting program, on the profile and on the head inclination.

Profile clamping (По желанию)

The machine is equipped with a system with clamps that swings horizontally and, by means of horizontal hold- down devices, clamps the profile for an extremely precise cut. For vertical clamping, particularly for special cuts, the machine can be equipped with a patented system of horizontal hold- down devices. Compound Cut is equipped with a roller conveyor on the mobile head, for standard loading and unloading and intermediate pneumatic supports of the bar.

Compound Cut Profile clamping Emmegi
Compound Cut Control Emmegi
Control (По желанию)

The ergonomic state-of- the-art control panel features a 10.4” touchscreen display and fully customised software and is packed with functions developed in the Microsoft Windows® environment specifically for this machine. The machining cycle can be optimised by creating cutting lists, thereby reducing scrap and cycle times for parts loading- unloading.

HS – High Speed (По желанию)

The HS – High Speed version is equipped with a faster X axis (mobile head positioning), and features an integral protection on the sides and at the back, to operate in complete safety, increasing productivity. The safety characteristics of this version, fully inaccessible during operation, allow using automatic cutting cycles, even not supervised, at maximum operational performance.

Compound Cut HS – High Speed Emmegi

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