Fusion 4H: The welding machine turns on the lights

Ergonomics and style with new materials for the workshop. The horizontal NC welding machine for PVC profiles achieves perfect welding with “Seamless technology”. 

A revolutionary and powerful product that enhances technology and the beauty of forms with spectacular choreography. 


Materials, lights, colours and style to achieve top-notch performance in precision, cleanliness and productivity. All in the name of harmony between human and machine: an intuitive relationship that fires up the workshop and propels it towards Industry 4.0.

FUSION 4H is the only horizontal NC welding machine for PVC profiles that, thanks to the “Seamless” system, ensures the elimination of the weld bead on the surface of the frame, reducing and significantly simplifying downstream machining cycles, with major benefits in terms of productivity and the quality of the result. 

Special attention has been devoted to ergonomic aspects of the machine: the innovative look is a blend between the goals of accessibility, protection and a simplified and intuitive machine interface. An interface that is literally set in motion with the encounter between the welding heads which, retreating from and approaching the centre of the machine, provide the operator with different and specific information with a movement and shape that are reminiscent of the four coloured petals of a flower.


Fusion 4H was selected for publication in the ADI Design Index, the volume that presents the products shortlisted for the Compasso d'Oro award.