The workshop of tomorrow with the Comet R6 models

The dialogue between operator and machine has never been easier. Comet R6 HP and the new Comet R6 I propel their users towards an ever smarter future.


The operator is at the heart of the workshop, production operations, and the business. 

Indeed, Emmegi is studying and designing its machines to be compatible with their users, backing up efficiency and productivity standards with care and attention to detail, ergonomics and styling.

The Comet R6 HP and Comet R6 I models – machining centres with 5 controlled axes, designed for machining bars or parts in aluminium, PVC, light alloys and steel – are no exception. 

From the moment they enter the workshop these machines never fail to impress, with their harmonious forms, colour choices, materials, stylistic details and finishes, all of which reflect the full creative flair of the Style&Design Department. 

But they’re not just good-looking: they’re safe and functional too.


Beautiful, powerful, safe. Thanks to its versatility, COMET R6 in the HP and I versions is the right choice for a variety of machining operations, whether for sliding glass partitions for amazing loft designs, furnishing elements, or even high-rise building façades in the context of the evolution of smart cities … 

Welcome to the future of windows and curtain walls!