Phantomatic M4 L

CNC machining centre with 4 controlled axes and automatic tool rotation enabling machining on 3 sides of the workpiece. Designed for machining bars or workpieces made of aluminium, PVC, light wood in general and steel up to 2 mm thick. It has a manual 9-station tool magazine and an automatic 4-station tool magazine located on the left side of the safety guard. An optional a second automatic 4-station tool magazine can be installed on the right side of the safety guard. The profile is positioned by a pneumatic stop on the left side. It is blocked by 4 sturdy clamps which are positioned automatically with axis X. The installation of a second pneumatic stop (optional) on the right side allows oversize machining of bars whose length is double compared to the work field. It also has a mobile work surface that facilitates the piece loading/unloading operation and significantly increases the workable section.

User interface

The possibility of rotating the monitor on its vertical axis allows the operator to view the screen from any position. The user interface has a 24” touchscreen display in 16:9 format, portrait mode, equipped with the necessary USB connections for PC and CNC remote interfaces. It also features an operator panel, mouse, and it is set up for connecting barcode reader and remote operator panel.

Phantomatic M4 L User interface Emmegi

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