Comet R6 HP

CNC machining centre with 5 controlled axes and 8.5 kW spindle designed for machining bars or workpieces of aluminium, PVC, light alloys in general or steel.It has two modes of operation: either in just one work area for bars up to 7.0 m long or else in two independent work areas in double mode. The machine has 2 extra axes available for vices and reference stop positioning, enabling the vices to be positioned in concurrent operation time when the machining centre is running in double mode. The 4th and 5th axis allow the electro-spindle to be controlled by the N/C continuously in the range –15° to 90° on the horizontal and 0° to 720° on the vertical axis for machining the top face and all the side faces of the workpiece. It is equipped with a 12-place tool magazine on board, capable of containing a blade. It also has a mobile work table which makes workpiece loading/unloading easier and increases the working section considerably.

Glass protection

Safe, perfect, resistant, long-lasting. These are the advantages of choosing glass for protecting the new Comet machining centres. Glass is also easy to clean and less susceptible to scratches and wear.
Machine cuts operate to flag machine statuses, thanks to a light colour interface.
The whole visor slides downwards, thus making it easier to load the pieces; additionally, the ends feature aluminium guards that act as a support plane if needed.

Versione HP

Comet R has two operation modes: a single work area for bars up to 7 m long, or two independent work areas in pendular mode. The HP version machine has 2 additional axes for positioning clamps and reference stops, enabling the clamps to be positioned in masked time during pendular mode operation.

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