Loadingroller conveyor

Structure in steel tubular con adjustable feet and PVC-coated steel rollers. 3,500 mm-long roller conveyors with 240 mm rollers, or 4,000 mm-long with 440 mm rollers. Unloading roller conveyors equipped with metric rod and measuring lock.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Maximum load capacity (according to model) - roller conveyor L=3500 mm, rollers L=240 mm (kg)
Maximum load capacity (according to model) - roller conveyor L=4000 mm, rollers L=440 mm (kg)
Side view (Optional)
Through special steel bracket, the mechanical connection to the cutting machine is made precisely and rigidly.
Loading roller conveyor Side view Emmegi
Loading roller conveyor Roller Emmegi
Roller (Optional)
PVC-coated steel rollers of 240/440 mm that allow the profile to slide effectively, preventing surface damage.

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