Vegamatic Pusher

A semiautomatic version cutting centre with 2 controlled axes, manual loading/unloading on opposite sides of the machine, with front CNC blade, dedicated to cutting Aluminium and PVC profiles and light alloys in general. It performs predefined and optimised cutting lists in automatic. Designed to execute cutting at angles ranging from 45° to 135° or from 22°30’ to 157°30’

Technical data arrow_drop_down
B AXIS (angle of blade) (according to version)
45° ÷ 135° ; 22°30’ ÷ 157°30’
U AXIS (feeder) (mm)
Blade diameter at carbide-tipped (mm)
Ø = 550
Hydro-pneumatic blade feed
Pre-set for swarf exhauster
Minimal oil diffusion lubrication system
Power rating (kW), “three-phase” blade drive motor
Max. loadable profile width (mm)
Max. loadable profile length (mm)
Loading feeder with 2 controlled axes for workpieces of up to 7,500 mm with collet
Workpiece tilting device to 90° during loading
Minimum machinable profile section (mm)
30 x 30
Infeed roller conveyor
Cutting area pneumatically-controlled integral protection
Metal enclosure guard on three sides
Vertical pneumatic vices
Additional vertical vice
Additional horizontal vice
Pair of horizontal pneumatic vices with pressure reducer plus pressure gauge
Vice pressure reduction with pressure gauge
Vertical drilling unit
Horizontal drilling unit
Preparation for label printer connection
Label printer with a speed of 150 mm/sec
Label printer with peeling device with a speed of 150 mm/sec
Bar feeder
The extremely fast and precise CNC numerical control system for bar positioning includes a gripper for clamping the profile and the possibility to manually adjust the position. The movement is transmitted on a rack through a low backlash gearbox to maintain the high standards of precision guaranteed by the CNC. The feeder slides on case-hardened and tempered bars through linear bushings.
Vegamatic Pusher Bar feeder Emmegi
Vegamatic Pusher Label printer Emmegi
Label printer

The industrial label printer allows each cut profile to be identified with identifying features from the cutting list. In addition, barcode printing enables easy identification of the profile itself, which is particularly useful for subsequent machining steps on Machining Centres or assisted assembly lines.

Cutting module
The cutting module consists of a single-head cutting off machine with hydro-pneumatic blade feed. It is provided with a 550 mm blade featuring wide cutting range: from 45° to 135° (from 22°30’ to 157°30’ optional). Setting of the cutting angles is fully automatic and is handled by the CNC.
Vegamatic Pusher Cutting module Emmegi
Vegamatic Pusher Control Emmegi
The operator interface with colour LCD screen is equipped with network connection and USB ports. It also features a built-in control panel, keyboard and mouse. Possibility to install the label printer. The control is managed by the Windows operating system under which the Job and Blade software packages are installed: Job is designed for the job editor and optimizing cutting lists; Blade, installed alongside Job, controls the machine’s operations and manages the machining processes.
Unloading roller conveyor
Vegamatic Pusher loads profiles on the left roller conveyor and unloads them from the right roller conveyor. The in-line machining makes it possible to limit the transfer of the profile on the working bench and to reduce cycle times.
Vegamatic Pusher Unloading roller conveyor Emmegi

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