CNC machining centre, with 4 controlled axes, and 7 kW spindle designed for machining bars or parts of aluminium, PVC, light alloys in general or steel up to 2 mm. It is equipped with a 10-place tool magazine, with provision for accepting one angle machining head and a blade in order to be able to machine on the 5 faces of the workpiece. The 4th NC axis allows the electrospindle to rotate from 0° to 180° and position itself at any intermediate angle. The machine can therefore perform machining operations on the top and side faces of the profile at any angle within the range. It also has a mobile work table which makes workpiece loading/unloading easier and increases the working section considerably.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
X AXIS (longitudinal) (mm)
Y AXIS (transversal) (mm)
Z AXIS (vertical) (mm)
A AXIS (electrospindle rotation)
0° ÷ 180°
Maximum power in S1 (kW)
Maximum speed (rpm)
Toolholder cone
HSK - 50F
Automatic tool holder coupling
Cooling with heat exchanger
Electrospindle with encoder for rigid tapping
Multi-piece operation
Extended machining, up to twice the maximum nominal length in X
Multi-piece mode machining in Y
Workpiece rotation for machining on 4 sides
TAPPING CAPACITY (with tap on aluminium and through hole) 
With compensator
Stiff (optional)
Workpiece reference LEFT stop with pneumatic movement
Workpiece reference RIGHT stop with pneumatic movement
Standard number of pneumatic vices
Maximum number of pneumatic vices
Automatic vice positioning through X axis
Maximum number of magazine tools
Maximum number angle machining units that can be inserted in the tool magazine
Maximum diameter of the blade that can be inserted in the magazine (mm)
Ø = 180
Machine integral protection booth
Laminated protection glass
Retractable side protection tunnels
Power and flexibility of the electrospindle
7 kW S1 high torque electrospindle allows heavy duty machining. It moves along the A-axis allowing rotations from 0° to 180°, so the profile can be machined on 3 faces without being repositioned. It can be used for some types of steel extrusions as well as for aluminium profiles, thanks to the software-adjusted lubricating system. With its double tank it allows either minimum oil circulation or oil emulsion spray-mist.
Operator interface
The possibility of rotating the monitor on its vertical axis allows the operator to view the screen from any position. The user interface has a 24” touchscreen display in 16:9 format, portrait mode, equipped with the necessary USB connections for PC and CNC remote interfaces. It also features an operator panel, mouse, and it is set up for connecting barcode reader and remote operator panel.
The machine software can calculate the correct positioning measure for each vice unit, according to the length of the workpiece and to the type of machining to be performed. The automatic positioner allows picking all vice units and moving them by means of the gantry. This operation is performed at the highest speed and with great precision and spares longer time and collision risks, so that the machine can also be easily used by less experienced operators.
CNC machining centres Comet X4 Vices Emmegi
CNC machining centres Comet X4 Pneumatic stops Emmegi
Pneumatic stops
The machine is equipped with strong stops allowing bar reference. One is positioned on the left side (standard) and the other on the right side (optional). Each stop is activated by a pneumatic cylinder, it is retractable type and is automatically selected by the machine software according to the machining to be performed. In short, double stop offers the advantage to load more profile pieces for multi-piece mode machining as well as the possibility to reposition the bar or the piece and perform machining on particularly long profiles.
Tool magazine
The tool magazine is integrated on the X axis, in the lower part and behind the electrospindle. It allows great reduction of tool change times. This function is particularly useful in the extrusion head and tail machining, avoiding the stroke to get to the magazine, as it moves simultaneously with the electrospindle and its positions. The magazine can contain up to 10 tool holders with relevant tools, which can be set at the operator’s discretion. A sensor detects correct cone positioning.
CNC machining centres Comet X4 Tool magazine Emmegi
CNC machining centres Comet X4 Foldaway tunnel Emmegi
Foldaway tunnel
Integrated with the machine’s aesthetics and design, thanks to the perforated sheet metal for transparency and lightness, the tunnel opens and closes as needed. As its length can be reduced when not in use, it helps save space at the workshop. The outlet for the chip conveyor belt and its engine are built into the lower section, in view of an aesthetic and functional design.

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