4-axis CNC machining centre used for the machining of bars or aluminium, PVC, light alloys in general and steel workpieces up to 4 m in length. The machine is equipped with independent motorized vices that allow positioning the vices in concurrent operation time. The 4th axis allows the electrospindle to continuously rotate to NC from -120° to +120° on horizontal axis, to perform the work on the upper side and on all the lateral sides of the profile. It is equipped with a 10-place tool magazine, on the X axis gantry, able to host also one milling disc. It also has a mobile work table that facilitates the workpiece loading/unloading operation and significantly increases the workable section.

Servocontrolled clamps

The servocontrolled clamps, each with their own motor, can independently position themselves on the working field. The CNC simultaneously manages the handling of the clamps and the head of the electrospindle in the two different working fields in double operation. This enables significant increases in productivity. The use of absolute reference axes enables reducing the time for machine initialisation at each restart.

CNC machining centres Comet S4 I Servocontrolled clamps Emmegi
CNC machining centres Comet S4 I Foldaway tunnel Emmegi
Foldaway tunnel

Integrated with the machine’s aesthetics and design, thanks to the perforated sheet metal for transparency and lightness, the tunnel opens and closes as needed. As its length can be reduced when not in use, it helps save space in the workshop. The outlet for the chip conveyor belt and its motor are built into the lower section, in view of an aesthetic and functional design.

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