8- to 12-axis CNC machining and cutting-off centre, built for cutting, drilling and milling aluminium and light alloy profiles. Vegamill consists of four main units. Automatic belt loading magazine for profiles with a length of max. 7,500 mm. A high-precision and high-speed push-feed system with gripper for profile picking and conveying to a machining area. The adjustment of horizontal and vertical position of the gripper is manual; it can be optionally automated by means of an electronic positioning system on two controlled axes. The central machining unit with drilling and milling functions by means of 4-axis CNC and cutting unit, with widia blade. The cutting unit with 250 and 400 mm blade performs 90° cuts; in the version with 600 mm blade, it can perform cuts with an inclination of up to 22°30' to the right and left, with the precision and efficiency of a brushless motor on CNC rotation axis with absolute magnetic band. The unloading unit may consist of a conveyor belt, ideal for short pieces such as brackets and hinges, or, alternatively, an unloading table equipped with an automatic extractor and an automatic tilting and translation system. The units making up VEGAMILL are protected by guards in such a way that they do not require additional enclosure guards, lending compactness and flexibility to this cutting-off and machining centre.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
U0 AXIS (feeder) (mm)
X0 AXIS (longitudinal) (mm)
Y0 AXIS (transversal) (mm)
Z0 AXIS (vertical) (mm)
A0 AXIS (electrospindle rotation)
-90° ÷ +90°
X0 AXIS (m/mm)
Y0 AXIS (m/mm)
Z0 AXIS (m/mm)
Loading feeder with adjustable gripper
Belt loading magazine
Max. loadable profile width (mm)
Theoretical minimum cutting length (mm)
Electronic axis gripper positioning (V and W axes)
Minimum profile section that can be loaded without counterblocks (mm)
30 x 30
Maximum power in S1 (kW)
Maximum speed (rpm)
Toolholder cone
HSK - 50F
Minimal oil diffusion lubrication system
Liquid cooling
Automatic tool rotation
-90° ÷ +90°
Automatic 2-place tool magazine
Widia blade
Blade diameter/thickness for 90° cutting unit (mm)
250 / 1,9 ; 400 / 3,8
Brushless blade motor power (kW)
CN blade feed
Minimal oil diffusion lubrication system
Widia blade
Blade diameter for tilting cutting unit (mm)
600 / 5
Brushless blade motor power (kW)
CN blade feed
Minimal oil diffusion lubrication system
Conveyor belt
Max. profile length that can be unloaded automatically (mm)
Unloading workbench with automatic ejector
Bar feed system

Numerically controlled, high precision and high speed bar positioning system. The system is complete with a profile clamping gripper with manual position adjustment; optionally, automatic horizontal and vertical position management on two CNC axes is possible. The belt loading magazine is used for loading profiles with length of up to 7.5 m. The movement is transmitted on a rack through a low backlash gearbox to maintain the high standards of precision guaranteed by the CNC. The feeder slides on case-hardened and tempered bars through linear bushings. The integral protection of the profile positioning carriage ensures maximum safety by limiting the area occupied by the machine in favour of more workshop space.

CNC machining centres Vegamill HB Bar feed system Emmegi
CNC machining centres Vegamill HB Milling unit Emmegi
Milling unit

The 4-axis CNC milling unit consists of a 4 kW electrospindle in S1 that can reach the speed of 20,000 rpm. The electrospindle movement along A axis performs 0° to 180° rotation, allowing to work on 3 sides of the profile with no need to reposition it. It can be used on profiles made of aluminium, PVC and light wood. Vegamill has an automatic tool magazine with 4 places for the purpose of handling different machining operations or more frequently to ensure automatic replacement of worn tools, to support the long machining cycles typical of this machine.

Cutting unit
The cutting unit with horizontal blade outlet is optimised for handling profiles of small sections, for mass production of small components with one/two machining operations such as hinges, brackets and corner cleats. It therefore has minimal blade thicknesses to reduce material consumption, from a diameter of 250 mm to 400 mm. For applications on larger profiles and production of workpieces suitable for other applications, a CNC angular rotation cutting unit is available, tiltable on both sides up to 22°30' with a 600 mm diameter blade, capable of machining large section profiles with angled and special cuts.
CNC machining centres Vegamill HB Cutting unit Emmegi
CNC machining centres Vegamill HB Integral protection booth Emmegi
Integral protection booth

The integral protection booth has been designed to offer optimal functionality, accessibility, soundproofing and lighting while fulfilling safety and ergonomics requirements. The innovative and refined design makes the machine unique and unmistakeable. The large glass windows allow the operator to easily and safely control the execution of the machining operations. The booth has a very wide access with a double door that houses functional LEDs for communication with the operator.

Extraction system for machined workpiece
Vegamill can be equipped with two workpiece extraction systems. The first consists of a conveyor belt that extracts the processed and cut workpieces by depositing them in a collection container. The belt is sized to ensure the evacuation of small components typical to the operation of this machine. The second one includes an unloading workbench with an extractor equipped with a CNC gripper to unload larger workpieces, up to 2500 mm in length. The unloading magazine manages the stacking of finished workpieces while a sensor, which emits a signal when the magazine is full, supervises system operation. This system combined with the tilting cutting unit enables the processing of large profiles for applications in many different industries.
CNC machining centres Vegamill HB Extraction system for machined workpiece Emmegi
CNC machining centres Vegamill HB Label printer Emmegi
Label printer (Optional)

The industrial label printer allows each cut profile to be identified with identifying features from the cutting list. In addition, barcode printing enables easy identification of the profile itself, which is particularly useful for subsequent machining steps on Machining Centres or assisted assembly lines.

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