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8 至 12 轴 CNC 切割与加工中心可对铝制型材和轻型合金型材进行切割、穿孔和铣削加工。Vegamill 由四个主要单元组成。用于最大长度达 7,500 mm 型材的皮带式自动装料仓。抓取夹推动式供料装置与向加工区域运输型材的高精度高速运输装置系统。抓取夹的水平和垂直位置需手动调节;也可以选择通过控制轴上的电子定位系统进行自动化调节。中央加工单元的功能是,可以通过 4 轴 CN 单元和带有硬合金刀片的切割单元进行穿孔和铣削加工。带有 250 和 400 毫米刀片的切割单元可以执行 90° 切割;带有 600 毫米刀片的切割单元可以执行左右倾斜切割,倾斜角可达 22°30’,配有绝对磁带的 CN 旋转轴上的无刷电机保证了其精度和效率。卸载单元可以包含一个适合运输支架和铰链等短小零件的运输器,或一个配备了自动弹出器和自动倾斜与移动系统的卸载台。VEGAMILL 的各组成单元都具有保护与防护装置,因此无需额外的保护罩。这一特点使这款切割与加工中心更加紧凑灵活。
Bar feeding

High precision and speed numerical control bar positioning system. The system is complete with profile clamping gripper with manual position adjustment; optionally it is possible to automatically manage the horizontal and vertical position on two CNC axes. The belt loading magazine allows the loading of profiles up to 7.5 m long. The transmission of the movement takes place on a rack, through a minimum clearance speed reducer to maintain the high precision standards guaranteed by the CNC. The sliding of the feeder takes place on cemented and tempered bars, by means of ball sleeves. The integral protection of the profile positioning trolley guarantees maximum safety by limiting the area occupied by the machine in favor of greater availability of space in the workshop.

CNC加工中心 Vegamill HB Bar feeding Emmegi
CNC加工中心 Vegamill HB Milling unit Emmegi
Milling unit

The 4-axis CNC milling unit consists of a 4 kW S1 electrospindle that can reach a speed of 20.000 rpm. The movement of the electrospindlealongtheA axis allows to rotate from 0° to 180°, allowing you to work the profile on 3 faces, without repositioning. It can be used on aluminum, PVC and light alloy profiles, and can also process steel extrusions with thicknesses upto2mm. Vegamill has an automatic tool magazine with 4 places with the aim of managing different processes or, more frequently, to guarantee the automatic replacement of worn tools, to support the long machining cycles typical of this machine.

Cutting unit

The cutting unit with front blade output is optimized for the management of profiles of reduced sections, for the mass production of small componentswithone/two processes such as hinges and brackets. It therefore has blades of minimum thickness to reduce material consumption, from a diameter of 250 mm to 400 mm. For applications on larger profiles and production of pieces suitable for other applications, a CNC angular rotation cutting unit is available, tiltable on both sides up to 22°30' with a 600 mm diameter blade, capable of processing profiles of large sections with angled and special cuts.

CNC加工中心 Vegamill HB Cutting unit Emmegi
CNC加工中心 Vegamill HB Full guard cabin Emmegi
Full guard cabin

The full guard cabin has been designed to combine maximum functionality, accessibility, soundproofing and brightness with the needs of safety and ergonomics. The refined and innovative design makes the machine unique and unmistakable. The large windows allow the operator to check the execution of the work in a simple and safe way. The cabin has a very wide access with a double door that houses functional LEDs for communication with the operator.

Machining piece unloading system

Vegamill can be equipped with two extraction systems for the worked piece. The first consists of a conveyor belt that extracts the machined andcutpieces,depositingthemin a collection container. The belt is sized to ensure the evacuation of small components typical of the operation of this machine. The second includes an unloading bench with extractor equipped with a CNC gripper that allows you to unload larger pieces, up to 2500 mm in length. The unloading magazine manages the accumulation of finished pieces while a sensor, which signals the full magazine, oversees the functionality of the system. This system combined with the tilting cutting unit allows you to work large profiles for applications in many different sectors.

CNC加工中心 Vegamill HB Machining piece unloading system Emmegi

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