Machining centre with up to 20 CNC axes, designed to perform cutting, milling and drilling operations, including head and tail, on aluminum and light alloy profiles. + Quadra is a configurable line with modular solutions and custom packages that allow to satisfy the most common applica- tions in window and doors, architecture and industry sectors. The structure of the line includes an automatic feeding magazine from which the pro- file is picked up and transferred to the operating section. It contains the units for cutting and machining; then an extraction system deposits the finished pieces on an accumulation magazine. The three main modules include a number of variants that modify the vocation of the line in terms of flexibility, automation and productivity. A cabin encloses all the work units, ensuring a high standard of soundproofing and total operator protection. The equipment of the machining centre is completed by the ALM automatic labelling module with 2-axis positioner, to identify the machined pieces, and a tool integrity control system. Both optional devices, combined with capacious storage magazines and the reliability of Emmegi systems, allow the machine to be exploited over extended machining cycles in fully automatic mode.

Milling unit

The core and value of the +QUADRA lie in its rotary base machining section, complete with 4 machining units for +Quadra L0 and 6, or 8 machining units for +Quadra L1 and +Quadra L2, that are controlled and can be interpolated on 4 axes: X, Y, Z, A (360° slewing around the axis of the bar). The work units are fitted with air-cooled high- frequency electrospindles, ER 32 tool con- nector with power up to 5.6 kW in S1. Each work unit can be equipped with an area dis- engagement system, by means of recirculat- ing ball slides to increase the working capacity.

Clamps with PROFIX dynamic counterblocks

The clamps are equipped with elements that are positioned through CNC to allow perfect bar clamping without requiring specific coun- terblocks. The machine recognises the pro- file and, according to the geometry, sets the clamps and their pressure in optimal way. This solution allows to significantly reduce setting times and increases productivity. The new multichannel management logic of the machine allows the optimisation of ma- chining cycles by increasing efficiency.

Horizontal cutting module

Cutting unit with numerically controlled hori- zontal feed, with 350 mm blade and a wide cutting range: -45° to +45°. The cutting an- gle setting is fully automatic; the unit move- ment is controlled by a 3-axis CNC.

обрабатывающие центры + Quadra Horizontal cutting module Emmegi
обрабатывающие центры + Quadra Vertical cutting module Emmegi
Vertical cutting module

Down-stroking cutting unit on CNC axis equipped with 600 mm blade and a wide cutting range: 0 to 360°. The setting of any cutting angle is fully automatic and CNC controlled. The clamping and handling of the segments are done by means of two motor- ised clamp units on CNC axes.

End milling module

End milling unit with cutter unit with variable rotation speed up to 8,000 rpm. With quick cutter unit tool change with pneumatic con- trol. Interacts with the horizontal cutting unit, with which it shares the support beam. The three cutting and end milling modules are used to unload rejects into an opening, which can be fitted optionally with a steel evacuation belt.

обрабатывающие центры + Quadra End milling module Emmegi
обрабатывающие центры + Quadra Drilling, milling and tapping module at the head and tail ends Emmegi
Drilling, milling and tapping module at the head and tail ends

Drilling unit on 4-axis CNC designed for ma- chining at head and end of profile at any an- gle. Interacts with the horizontal cutting unit, with which it shares the support beam. The cutting and drilling modules enable unload- ing swarf into a special opening, which can be fitted optionally with a steel evacuation belt.

Bar feeding system

Numerically controlled, high precision and high speed bar positioning system. The sys- tem is complete with a gripper to block and transport the profile with automatic horizontal and vertical position adjustment and, option- ally, the rotation on two CNC axes. A profile lifting system during feeding allows loading in concurrent operation time, with significant reduction of the cycle time. The belt loading magazine is used for load- ing profiles with length of up to 7.5 m (9.5 m as optional) and weight up to 120 kg. If re- quired by the cycle, during loading and un- loading, a tilting system automatically rotates the workpiece 90°.

обрабатывающие центры + Quadra Bar feeding system Emmegi
обрабатывающие центры + Quadra Highly flexible FLW loading magazine Emmegi
Highly flexible FLW loading magazine

As an alternative to the belt loading maga- zine, which allows the loading of 8 profiles (standard), a high-capacity solution is availa- ble which, through transport shuttles, allows full occupation of the loading surface, max- imising the number of profiles.

Unloading magazine

Belt magazine for unloading and storage of finished workpieces with large capacity. Available in three versions: for processed workpieces up to 4.0 m and, as an alterna- tive, up to 7.5 or 9.5 m. The unloading mag- azine is preceded by a chip and short cut extraction system which can be optionally equipped with a conveyor belt and a lifting belt to the collection bag. A conveyor belt for the unloading of short pieces is also availa- ble as an option.

обрабатывающие центры + Quadra Unloading magazine Emmegi
обрабатывающие центры + Quadra High-capacity HCS unload-ing magazine Emmegi
High-capacity HCS unload-ing magazine

The high-capacity magazine is the highly automated solution that, through a motorised roller lane, aligns the machined workpieces before unloading them on the belt magazine, repositioning all parts of the initial bar on a single line. This system allows to accumu- late, without any operator's intervention, the entire volume of profiles contained on the loading magazine.

Industrial printer with ALM automatic positioning

Industrial printer alternative to traditional manual printers for labelling machined workpieces. Thanks to a two-axis Cartesian system, it can automatically position the label on 3 sides of the profile. Together with the high-capacity loading and unloading magazines, it is the ideal solution for an automated production line, for extended unmanned work shifts.

обрабатывающие центры + Quadra Industrial printer with ALM automatic positioning Emmegi

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