The automatic screwing centre Fissamatic consists of a storey on which the profiles slide, inside which the metal support (aluminium or iron) has already been inserted in place. A pneumatic horizontal unit, which can be adjusted vertically from a revolver barstop with 6 positions, controlled by software, fixes the metal support with self-tapping screws that automatically reach the machine from a loader.

Drive rollers
The profile is conveyed using motorised rollers via pneumatic hold-down devices. According to the type of profile, it is possible to use suitable counterblocks for a better clamping and driving of the workpiece. The operation is activated by pressing the pedal which actuates the clamping of the workpiece and its screwing.
Fissamatic Drive rollers Emmegi
Fissamatic Screw feeder Emmegi
Screw feeder
It allows feeding screws automatically in sequence and aimed correctly. Optionally, it is possible to add another screw feeder in order to have a greater production cycle efficiency.
Control panel
The operator interface with 5.7” touch screen display allows identifying the workpiece position where the screw will be screwed both on the horizontal and vertical axis. This machine features a USB port to make data transfer easier.
Fissamatic Control panel Emmegi
Fissamatic Screwing with automatic feed Emmegi
Screwing with automatic feed
Thanks to Fissamatic the screwing process becomes quick and easy: in fact just by pressing the pedal, profile clamping and screwing with automatic feed are activated simultaneously. In the basic version, the screwdriver height can be adjusted to 6 positions with presetting. As an option, it is possible to manage this adjustment via NC through the vertical axis.
Loading/unloading roller conveyor

An infeed roller conveyor and an outfeed roller conveyor serving for profile loading and unloading, provide an easy handling of the workpiece, thus requiring just minimum effort from the operator.

Fissamatic Loading/unloading roller conveyor Emmegi

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